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Demonstrating Water Conservation through water-efficient landscaping



Several family events are held throughout the growing season at Central Utah Gardens. Learn more about upcoming concerts, festivals, and other events below.



Our goal at Central Utah Garden is to educate residents about their outdoor water use. Gardening classes for adults begin in late winter/spring, and kids' classes are held in the summer. Find out more in our classes section!


Plant Database

Looking for a specific plant? Check out our plant database for information on the different plants in the gardens as well as where to find them locally for purchase.


Water Conservation

Central Utah Water Conservancy District strives to help Utah residents conserve water in many ways. See details about the rebate program, Localscapes, and more.


Fruit Trees at HomeFeb 21, 2018 7:00-8:00 pm

Instructor: Taun Beddes – USU Extension

Find out which varieties of fruit-bearing trees are better for our area, and receive instruction on proper planting and pruning methods. Be trained on how to care for your trees and control potential pests. Learn what you can do to help ensure the best harvest possible.

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Vegetable GardeningFeb 24, 10:00-11:00 am

Instructor: Sheriden Hansen – USU Extension

Interested in growing vegetables and want to brush up on your green thumb skills? This class will cover the where, when, what, who, and why of vegetable gardening Learn about site requirements and preparation, best planting times, recommended varieties, and more!

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Our website is currently under construction, and the plant database is temporarily down. Coming soon, you will be able to search water-efficient plants within our database for specific characteristics like sun exposure, water use, and bloom time. Please check back later for the upgraded plant search tool.

Water Conservation

Ten ways to improve your parkstrip

  1. Remove your grass: Everyone has grass, so change it up by planting a variety of plants that will make your house stand out.

  2. Replace your sprinklers with a drip system: Drip systems only water the plants you want to keep and save tons of water. Drip system conversion kits can be used to easily change a traditional system to drip in a matter of minutes.

  3. Ditch the weed fabric: Using a deep mulch prevents weeds far better than weed fabric that ends up being a weed itself and difficult to remove.

  4. 3 inches of mulch: Making sure you have a good layer of mulch will reduce the weeds you have and keep the moisture in the soil for your plants.

  5. Don't forget paths: Small sections of hardscape paths should be throughout your parkstrip so that people don’t have to step on your plants.

  6. Find the right trees: Parkstrips are a great place for trees, but make sure you select the right ones. Trees in the parkstrip should stay small and not disrupt the sidewalk and street with aggressive roots. Also, remember that branches need to be kept out of the way of traffic and pedestrians.

  7. Add four seasons of color: Find plants that give you a variety of colors all year-round and will make your house a destination no matter the season.

  8. Keep it soft: Remember that a parkstrip is next to a lot of traffic so be courteous and keep out plants with thorns and sharp foliage.

  9. Use a pattern: By using a repeating planting pattern your parkstrip will not look out of place. Also, try and mimic plantings in other areas of your landscape for a great cohesive look.

  10. Keep it clean: A lot of debris ends up in our parkstrip and gutter. Keep a close eye on it and clean it out often and remember to keep plants trimmed back so they don’t obstruct the sidewalk.